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Vertical Sky

The new generation of large wind turbines

With its vertical-axis wind turbines Agile Wind Power is unique in the field of middle and large wind energy plants. Until now, it has not been possible to make vertical-axis wind turbines economically scalable to the middle and large power range.

Since existing concepts are at their limits, Agile Wind Power has developed a new solution for a competitive use of wind energy: the Vertical Sky® wind turbine.
Vertical Sky® is the result of many years of research and development work. The uniqueness is guaranteed for years by means of protective rights and specialized know-how in concept and production. Proof of the performance and scalability of the technology is available. The product type Vertical Sky® A32 is now market-ready developed. The certification phase of type A32 has begun. It includes, among other things, the construction of an A32 system on a wind test field.
Vertical Sky® wind turbines are perfectly suitable for wind farms with logistical challenges and with requirements in terms of noise, landscape and animal protection (link to uniqueness). The various planned Vertical Sky® Types represent ideal solutions for the following application areas:

/ Short-term: Vertical Sky® A32 (0.75 MW) and A42 (0.6 MW) for decentralised use of wind energy in the distributed electricity market (regional power supply).
/ Mid-term: Vertical Sky® A45 (1.5 MW) for onshore wind locations with different wind conditions.

The name «Vertical Sky» characterises two key elements of the concept

/  «Vertical» describes the physical position of the rotating axis. On the contrary to the conventional trefoil rotor, which axis is horizontal, the axis of Vertical Sky® is vertical.  

/ «Sky»
describes the origin of the wind energy and points to its infinite dimension, which symbolises the potential of the plant.    


30 NOVEMBER 2017


Findings from the rotor blade development have created new opportunities for the entire Vertical Sky® plant. The AWP development team has implemented the rotor accordingly. The optimized rotor has a better aerodynamic structure, requires fewer components and can be mounted even faster.

26 July 2017

Test field Grevenbroich: Foundation soil analysis successfully carried out

The foundation soil analysis on the test field for the pilot and certification project «Vertical Sky® GREVENBROICH» were carried out, as scheduled, on the 25th of July 2017. First results are available...

The energy turnaround changes the transmission networks fundamentally. New markets and opportunities arise. To face them new thinking approaches and innovations are needed. Thereby, the Vertical Sky®-Technology opens up a huge potential!»

- Patrick Richter, CEO

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